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Visions From Above is a unique and creative handmade craft business.   The crafts are created from visions and inspiration which are brought to life.  


The first creation of the crafts was a picture frame, made from plastic canvas.  This was an awesome experience for me, but very worthwhile and you can see this for yourself from your orders.


The Bible  and Book Covers are unique in that they stand out in the crowd from the original book covers because are made from plastic canvases with unique and creative designs.  They must be measured before making in order for the perfect fit to your Bible or your book.


I truly believe that crafts  are an art and art is a very unique craft.  Art comes from visions and inspirations. Thus so does handmade crafts.  Creating these unique crafts from visions and inspirations are exhilarating bringing the excitement of being unique and original to life.


Visions from Above services adults as well as children.  We are very resourceful in accommodating every desire when possible. We also have craft classes and individual craft sessions.


We display our unique and creative crafts at craft fairs when the opportunity presents itself, at home events, churches, seniors residents and as we are called to service.  However, we do accommodate every request when asked.


Moreover, Visions From Above strictly adheres to service and quality which has also made us an industry leader. At our company, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.  All of our products are created with the utmost of care, precision and exactness due to do our focus on customer satisfaction at all times.


Guaranteed money back if you are not satisfied with the products or service. Customer approval is our ultimate goal always.



Visions From Above, Owner

Revella Booker Pugh






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